June 12, 2019

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While most teenagers look forward to summer break, by the second week of vacation it isn’t uncommon for them to become bored. This influx of boredom can have a large influence on the way they spend the remainder of their summer vacation, usually causing them to revert to their electronics or worse yet, make poor choices to keep themselves busy. There are, however, several summer activities for your teenager to try this year, that will keep them entertained in a positive way. 

In fact, with a little bit of your assistance, your teenager will remain busy throughout the entire summer, making this summer break one they won’t forget. 

5 Fun Summer Activities for Teens

The best way to channel a teenager’s limitless energy is to ensure they have a positive outlet. Providing them with several different ideas for summer activities, will help to ensure that they remain entertained and happy this summer break.

1.    Go Geocaching 

Geocaching is similar to a treasure hunt but done in a more unconventional manner. In fact, geocaching is an amazing outdoor adventure that many people are currently participating in around the world. To play, your teenager will have to download the app or a GPS device to find hidden containers referred to as geocaches. There are hidden geocaches all over the world, so your teenager will have some productive fun on a more grown up version of a treasure hunt.

2.    Get Adventurous Outdoors

With the beautiful summer weather providing the perfect atmosphere for outdoor adventure, your teenager can explore several different outdoor activities. Whether they choose to camp under the stars in your backyard or go on an extensive hiking trip, there are so many different ways to get back to nature and have fun. 

3.    Create Outdoor Art 

While playing with chalk may seem like something toddler’s do, your teenager can create amazing outdoor art over the summer. Armed with their creativity, they can set out to find some clear pavement and create an amazing mural that can be enjoyed by many. 

4.    Have a Friend Filled Picnic

The summer is the perfect time for a delicious outdoor picnic with friends. Your teenager can pack some of their favourite food items, a blanket and some fun outdoor activities and head off to find the perfect picnic location with their friends. Just make sure they don’t forget the water.

5.    Host a Summer Get Together

Over the summer months, teenagers want to spend as much time with their friends as possible. Have them invite over a few close friends and set up a backyard summer get together complete with delicious food and refreshments. The best part? Have them host. Make sure they are responsible for set up and take down, food and refreshments and entertainment. Giving them the responsibility will be a great way for them to have fun and learn a new skill at the same time. 

5 Productive Summer Activities for Teens*

Balancing fun and productivity for your teenager over the summer is incredibly important. There are several things they can do to keep themselves productive, build upon their skills and create new ones moving forward.

1.    Learn a New Skill 

There are several different classes and courses your teenager can take over the summer. This will help them to learn new skills, expand upon existing ones and explore new interests. Whether they take a cooking class, a sewing class or even learn to kayak, there are many different courses and classes they can choose from that will not only keep them busy and productive but give them something to look forward to.

2.    Volunteer 

Volunteering is a great way for your teenager to learn responsibility and give back to their community. In fact, in some locations your teenager is required to clock some volunteer hours for school. Sit down with your teenager and go over some of the volunteer opportunities in your area. Not only is this a great summer activity for your teenager, but volunteering will help to build the job skills they need to get a paying position later in life. 

3.    DIY Summer Jobs 

If your teenager wants to earn some extra money on the side, they can start their own DIY Summer jobs. There are so many different things they can do that will keep them occupied and productive while earning some cash for the things they want to purchase this summer. Depending on your teenagers’ skills, abilities and likes, they can babysit, walk dogs, mow lawns or even help neighbours with tasks they need done. 

4.    Attend Summer Camp

There are several summer camps out there that are perfect for teenagers to attend. In fact, there are sports camps, art camps and more that are geared towards your teenager’s passions. Summer camps provide your teenager with several opportunities to learn new and important skills, create long lasting friendships and have fun at the same time. 

5.    Read A lot 

Reading over the summer is extremely important. Have your teenager create a reading list, find a quiet spot outdoors and settle in with a good book from that list. This will not only keep your teenager busy in a productive way, but it will also keep their minds active in preparation for back to school. 

There are several summer activities for your teenager to try this summer. From participating in geocaching to creating a summer reading list and everything in between, your teenager can have a fun and productive summer at the same time, and you can avoid the complaints of boredom. 

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