November 15, 2016

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Time after time I get asked by business owners how can I promote my business, what’s the best form of marketing, what’s the ROI? So many factors fall into place here. Here are 11 tips for success if you have a have a small business in Vaughan.

1) Research your business, your logo, your service, your concept, product etc. Know who your competitors and make sure you don’t down right copy them. Be original in your logo, your colours, your offerings and your graphic work etc. If you copy someone you cause confusion to the client and you create the negativity that is not needed.

2) Find a mentor- yes a mentor, someone else in the area that has a business. Talk to them ask them straight out to mentor you and pick their brain on how it is to run a business in Vaughan, what works and what doesn’t work.

3) Make sure you invest in a social media strategy. You don’t have to do every form of social media, find what works based on your type of business. Hire a professional to do this if you don’t have experience. Or learn take social media workshops from Camp tech. (Tag them)

4) Join your local chamber of commerce or Vaughan Mom Approved Business Directory

5) Network, network and network. Meet people and get your name out there in the community. See what local entrepreneurs are attending and find the right fit for you. Not all networking events are boring.

6) Hire bloggers to blog about your product or service, pitch them and discuss what you want them to talk about. Make sure you research what bloggers you are contacting, their tone, the language they use and the clout they have. Look at their engagement see how many people engage in their posts.

7) One of the most VIP tips is make sure you align yourself with marketing companies, bloggers, influencers who are like-minded and have a reputable reputation in the community. For example you don’t want to pay a FB group admin money to promote your for example daycare business and two days later posts a pic of her daughter tasting a beer and wearing a car seat incorrectly. BAD PR STAY CLEAR STAY CLEAR.

8) Refrain from any business that asks you for exclusivity.

9) Use your social media… Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. It’s branding at its finest and can bring in the majority of your sales. If you do not know how to use it, hire someone to teach you or manage it.

10) Always ask for receipts and invoices. File all your invoices by month and get yourself a great accountant.

11) Find time for yourself and don’t burn out you got this and welcome to Vaughan!!