January 30, 2018

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Whether it’s a domestic trip to see family or an island-hopping getaway, travel with kids requires careful planning. Do your homework. For domestic travel with kids, look for kid-friendly attractions and dining options. Make a list and check it twice. Make a checklist of supplies to pack. This can help you remember items you need and/or reconsider what you’ve packed. Heading for the border? For international travel, make sure that all passports are up to date and necessary visas have been obtained. And of course, if you need permission to travel with the kids alone, make sure all of those documents are up to date and easily accessible.

Refer to www.voyage.gc.ca for requirements and documentation. Go lightly. An umbrella stroller will be easier to handle at the airport if you’ve got the need for a stroller. For older kids, load games, books, and videos onto tablets with extra-tough cases. Get the kids involved. Ask them to pick some activities for the flight and things to do at your destination. You may need veto powers, but their input will make the trip more enjoyable for all.

Inquire with the Airline if there are kid’s menus and/or packages and receive additional kinds friendly loot bags. Please be seated. If you travel with kids under 10, check the airline’s seating practices to ensure you can all sit together. Always review options to pre books seats. On long flights it is recommended to pre book at the additional cost to secure your families seats and good locations. Just what the doctor ordered. Keep a few medical supplies, including bandages and children’s pain medication in your carry-on and with you throughout the trip. All Medication, eyewear and items of personal nature that cannot be easily replaced should be packed in your carry on.

Always ask your doctor for vaccines and/or medications they recommend based on the destination. Plan for flexibility. Early arrivals or delays can throw your schedule off. Have a few activities in mind in case your connecting flight is late or you arrive at your destination before your transfer to the hotel does. Do the security shuffle. Prepare for navigating security by wearing easily removable layers and slip-on shoes.

Talk to your kids about the process so they know what to expect. If you travel with kids who can’t understand or comply with security directions, notify security and assist your children through security.

Traveling with kids can seem like lots of work, but you’re headed for a lifetime of memories.

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