July 20, 2018

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Family Safety Tip – Pay Before You Pump

It is unthinkable anyone would lose their life over $75 bucks of gasoline. Thankfully we live in a province where most people are fortunate enough to be able to pump gas and leave their kids in the car.

I love that I can pay and pump all at the same time as watching my kids in the car. I don’t need to worry about leaving the kids in the car to go pay or worry about someone taking my car.


I used to work at a gas station when I was 19 as a cash attendant and let me tell you that you would never believe the number of people that would do the dreaded gas-and-dash and put so many people at risk. But, we were always told not to run after the vehicle.


Or how many moms would come in and pay for gas and leave their child in the car? Until I became a mom I never understood why…. That was until my daughter was sleeping and I didn’t want to wake her up to go pay, or it was -15 and too cold to take her out.

Since fall 2017, customers at  Husky stations in Ontario, are required to pay before fueling up. Husky is one of the only stations in the province to implement this mandate. Proving they put the safety of their staff and members of the community first!


Looking for your closest Husky station? Visit Husky 

If you could make a small change to save lives, would you?

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