November 15, 2016

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There is an unwritten rule that one should not post pictures of their kids and while sharing shots of little ones at birthday parties, wearing new outfits, or exploring the zoo is cute, some moments should remain private. I see so many pictures of kids in mommy groups and on social media in pictures that will only make you think “Why the hell would she post that in here?” For the safety of your children I suggest keeping these five photos of kids off the Internet:

1. Bath time or Change Time
Any photo of your child partially or completely naked, like while he is bathing, is not for public consumption. Unfortunately, what you think is a darling moment of your three tots sudsing up or changing their clothes and they are with only their underwear on can—cringe-worthy though it may be—fall into the wrong hands, such as those of child pornographers.

2. When they’re sick or injured
As parents, it’s our job to protect our kids, not take advantage of them. Ask yourself this question: Would you want someone posting pictures of you while you’re feeling lousy? Probably not. Apply that standard when you consider what to post and what not to.

3. Shaming photos
Child shaming online seems to be all the rage, but this practice can have devastating effects on kids in the short and long term. Not only does shaming violate trust between parents and children, it may cause post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety later in life.

4. On the potty
Photos of your kiddos doing their business are best kept private when you think of potential future consequences. Remember, anything you share online lasts forever; do you really think your teen wants to see a shot of himself doing No. 2 for the first time?

5. Unsafe activities
You let your child palm your glass of wine for a second and snap a picture. Or you hold a wee one in your lap to move the car from the garage to the driveway, pausing to get a shot on your smartphone. Photos of these seemingly harmless moments were taken in good fun, but sharing them online opens you up for criticism and potential problems, since all the surrounding details may not be immediately evident upon first glance.

What kinds of pictures do you think are best kept private and off of social media?