June 12, 2019

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With the warm weather and beautiful sunshine in full effect there is no better time to throw an outdoor birthday party. If your child was born in the summer months, you can count yourself lucky. Throwing a party outside is a fantastic way to minimize the mess, stress and noise within your household. Think less clean up and more fun for everyone involved. In fact, there are several outdoor birthday party planning tips that can help you to get organized and ready to throw the best party ever. 

From food to games there are several ways to throw a whopper of an outdoor party that your little one will never forget, just make sure your get creative with your planning. 

The Invitations 

The most important part about planning an outdoor birthday party this summer is the invitations. It is a good idea to send them out as soon as possible, before the school year ends as this is when people are making their summer plans. Always include specifics on the invitations including whether or not the attendees will require a bathing suit and towel, several ways for parents to RSVP and whether or not you want the parents in attendance.

The Food 

The food you serve at an outdoor party should be fun, simple and fit into your party theme (if you have one selected.) There are a few guidelines to keep in mind when you are considering your outdoor party’s menu. 

  • When attendees RSVP, make sure to ask if there are any food allergies that you should be aware of. You will want to ensure that you avoid any mishaps so make sure to plan those things around them. 
  • Make sure to offer a wide variety of foods. While you may consider ordering a few pizzas for the main course, you will also want to make sure there are finger foods for snacking. Think cheese, crackers, popcorn and fruit and vegetable trays. 
  • If your party guests are old enough to assemble their own foods, let them. Consider putting together a DIY taco, sandwich or ice cream sundae bar for them to create their own food combinations.
  • If you are serving cake, go with something generic like chocolate or vanilla, or even ice cream cake.
  • Serve your food on a patterned tablecloth, colourful dishes and creative garnishes to make it extra special. 

The Activities 

When it comes to entertaining a group of kids at a party you will want to ensure that you have some great activities planned. Include some quiet activities and some more active ones to add variety to your outdoor birthday party. 

  • Proceed with caution when it comes to planning competitive games. This can cause some issues between party guests. If you do choose to go the competitive route, you will want to ensure that you don’t make a big deal about who wins or loses and you keep any prizes you wish to give out are generally small so as not to instill jealousy. 
  • Always have a wide variety of activities available for your guests. Things like musical chairs, freeze dance, relay races and Simon says are fun games to play. In the summer the weather is generally hot, so having water games available to help your guests cool off is also another option. Have a water balloon fight, run through the sprinkler or even go swimming. Quieter options that aren’t competitive should be left for the end of the party, after everyone has eaten. This will help to get the kids ready to go home to their parents. 

The Party Favours 

When planning your outdoor party, keep the party favours to a minimum. In fact, you can give items that can be enjoyed over the summer months like chalk, bubbles, kites and even coupons to a nearby attraction. You will want to ensure that the favours you send the kids home with are functional and useable. There are several outdoor birthday party planning tips that can make your celebration a success. Just make sure to get creative, send out detailed invitations, plan a delicious yet simple menu, have a wide variety of games and send out functional party favours

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