August 6, 2019

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In several different ways, school can be a tough time for students. Especially the first day. The style your children choose to boast is no exception to that rule, especially for those who are starting to have their own style personality. Clothes your children once loved, may now seem babyish to them but the outfits meant for their older counterparts may seem far too grown up.

Finding the perfect back to school clothes for your children is all about having an open mind and allowing them to express themselves. It is about being objective, layering and accessorizing.

Shopping for the best back to school styles, especially for the first day, does not have to be difficult. In fact, when you take the time to look at what is in style, focus on what your children want and seek the best deals, you are sure to find the perfect items to fill your child’s closet this back to school season.

Must Have Closet Staples for Back to School – Girls


When it comes to back to school shopping, your child will want to have at least one nice dress in her closet. The Quimby Stripped Dress is the perfect choice. Not only is this dress adorable, but it is the perfect item for your little one’s first day back to school. Available in a variety of sizes, this dress will steal the show.

JEANS A Good Pair of Jeans

A good, high quality pair of Jeans are the perfect back to school closet staple. These Hugo Boss Denim Jeans are the perfect choice. Available in a range of sizes, these jeans will send your child back to school in style and comfort.

T-SHIRTA Simple T-Shirt 

A simple shirt that goes with everything like this Billieblush T-shirt is a must for back to school. Not only will it give your child’s wardrobe some functionality but it is a comfortable item to wear on those days they want to go casual. 

NAVY SHOEA Fun Pair of Shoes

Everyone needs a fun pair of shoes to wear every once in a while. These GEOX Navy Shoes are a great choice when it comes to your little one’s footwear. Not only are they adorable with their cute embelishments,  but they are stylish and fun to wear. 


Fun Accessories

Fun accessories like this Mayoral Headband can make all the difference to your child’s look and style. Choose accessories that show your child’s specific personality and flare. 

Must Have Closet Staples for Back to School – Boys


A hooded cardigan like this Hugo Boss one, is a back to school closet staple for boys. Not only is it versatile because it goes with almost anything, but it is warm, stylish and super comfortable. 


A Good Pair of Jeans 

A good pair of jeans like these blue demin ones from Hugo Boss are a back to school essential. They are simple, stylish and casual at the same time, pairing well with a nice t-shirt or even a collared one.

NAVY T-SHIRTA Simple T-shirt

When it comes to a closet essential a simple t-shirt is a must have. A top like this QUIMBY navy t-shirt is perfect paired with jeans and goes with almost anything. Perfect for the days that your little one wants to go casual. 


Everyone needs a fun pair of shoes to wear and these GEOX white and navy sneakers are the perfect addition to your child’s closet. You want a pair of shoes that will go with almost anything, but that also remain stylish over time. 

Fun Accessories 

Add style and flare to your child’s wardrobe by adding in some fun accessories. Things like this HUGO BOSS Belt are fun ways to spice up an outfit. Choose from a variety of fun accessories that reflect your little one’s individual personality and style. 

When it comes to preparing your children for back to school, you will want to ensure they have at least a few stylish staple items in their closets. From nice denim jeans to fun accessories, the sky is the limit. Just make sure to be creative and choose items that reflect your child’s style and personality.