January 9, 2018

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These frigid temperatures and snowy, dreary days have most of us running to our nearest travel agent to book a beach destination! What do you do right after you book your vacation?

For a vast majority of us, we automatically think we have to go get a “base tan” before vacation, to prevent us from burning. WRONG. Unfortunately, this idea was conjured up by the tanning industry before we properly understood the harm that UV bed tanning causes.

The question of the day is, does a base tan prevent burning? Experts approximate that tanning prior to laying out on a beach is equivalent to wearing a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 3 or 4. Realistically, this is not that much of a help- and actually does more harm than good! Please keep in mind that any ultraviolet radiation (UV beds), is a carcinogen- just like cigarettes. There is no “safe amount” of smoking, just like there is no “safe amount” of UV exposure. The damage adds up over time and will contribute to skin aging, overall poor skin health and the look of your skin, as well as obviously- skin cancer. Therefore, the. moral of the story is a base tan is no substitute for good sun protection.

If what you seek is to not look like the snow before a beach destination-book in a healthy, organic, all-natural spray tan with your favourite OT girls! Arrive with a bronzey glow, lather up with your favourite natural SPF- one of our favourites is from a brand called Coola Suncare- and limit your time under the rays. Worried about lacking in Vitamin D? Take a multivitamin or use a Vitamin D supplement daily to give you that boost during the winter months. Your skin…and overall general health, will thank you for it!

Love the girls of Organic Tan Vaughan.

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