November 1, 2018

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What Innovation Means To Me

Innovation means hope. It means change and progress.

As a mom, I believe that we need to encourage our children to continue to hope. They need to be fostered and inspired to push boundaries and ask questions. That curiosity that is sparked as a child, seeing the world and understanding how it works, often times gets hindered. But if we encourage those curious children to continue being inquisitive, I believe it is those children who can change the world.

Change can take the form of a great invention or discovery; however, I also believe that innovation can be social as well. Progressing the way a community lives, or helping a society thrive also has a positive impact. If there is a way to help a person or group of people live better, or longer, more fulfilling lives, I believe that is what the world needs to see more of.

So, we hope. As parents, we wake up in the morning and we hope our children do well in school. We hope that nothing bad happens to them, or the people we care about. We hope that the world will one day wake up and end the violence, and the hate that seems to be hiding around every corner.

My hope is that our children will lead by example; ask questions; not conform; push the boundaries. I wish for their children, and the children after them, to live in a safer world, a world where there is no threat of deadly illness. A world where that illness isn’t even passed on genetically, from generation to generation, and that they don’t have to lose friends to diseases, because a cure was found.

I would love for there to be a cure for cancer. I would love there to be something – a pill, an antidote, a treatment – that could stop the cells from developing, or spreading, or moving altogether, without the fear of them coming back.

Innovation towards anything cancer related is a worldwide hope, in my opinion, as it is the one disease that affects all lives in one way or another. I hope my great-great-grandchildren can read about it, as I read about Polio as a horrible disease that once plagued people until a cure was found.

Most of all, I hope to keep moving forward in our protection of the earth. That, as a society and as people living on this beautiful planet, we can continue to develop ways to protect it – and the creatures on it. I hope we teach our children to respect it, in order to maintain it. That we teach our children to ask questions, look for solutions and seek alternative ways to protect our waters, the air we breathe and the land we live on. Because without innovation on environmental issues both big and small, we are destroying our planet. We need to take purposeful steps towards helping the environment, including the animals, air, earth and sea.

Imperial’s innovation commitment is aligned with these goals. More than 100 years ago, Imperial established Canada’s first oil and gas research department. Today, they are one of the country’s only energy producers with dedicated research laboratories, and leading researchers across all industries. In the past 20 years, Imperial has spent more than $2.1 billion in research and technology development – one of Canada’s largest R&D investments in any industry.

Imperial has also been an energy innovator for generations of Canadians, by supporting organizations that inspire creative thinkers and focus on innovators, including academic institutions, industry peers and third-party companies. Imperial continues to build on this legacy by investing in industry-leading research and development including partnering with The Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation to support the 2018 Symposium & Pitch Competition, which highlights the 2018 Manning Innovation Award winners. The Innovation Symposium provides valuable insights and advice and leaves attendees inspired to persevere beyond challenges and get into action!

This is the type of inspiration I hope to instil in my kids. Encourage our children to keep their curiosity alive. We need to foster innovation in the hopes of ending violence and curing cancer. And most importantly, we need to recognize that without a place to live, safe water to drink, or air to breathe; none of it will be worth anything.

That is what innovation means to me.


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