If you’ve never looked into advertising with a blog before, then you might be surprised at what’s being offered – it’s unlike anything you’ll ever see in traditional media! Consumers are tired of watching commercials and reading the newspaper. We’ve all become accustomed to traditional forms of marketing, and have also become skilled at tuning them out. But because our primary focus is delivering valuable content directly to Vaughan & Area moms, they’re reading us. Our readers are trying new products and services because they’ve heard them mentioned or featured on a blog they trust to provide information that’s relevant to their lives.

So, why advertise with us, consider this:

1) According to Forbes Magazine, in 2012 moms influenced 85% of all purchase decisions with an estimated $2.1 trillion in spending power.

2) Sixty-four percent of moms ask other moms for advice before they purchase a new product and 63% of all moms surveyed consider other moms the most credible experts when they have questions.

3) Fifty-five percent of active (daily) social media moms said they made a purchase because of a recommendation from a personal review blog.

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