I am Not a “salesperson”.  Never have been and never could be.  Than why am I in Real Estate?  I have always loved real estate and I love to help people.  My approach to this career is one of advisor and educator. I realized that properties, if showcased properly and priced correctly, will sell. There is a buyer for everything and it is simply a matter of knowing how to enable that match!  That’s marketing 101.

Yes, your house will sell, but will you maximize your profit?  Yes, you may find your dream house, but will you pay too much for it?

The way I look at it, if your realtor was buying or selling their OWN house, would the outcome be any different?  This is precisely how I govern my business; If I were buying or selling a home, what would I want my Realtor to do for me…and then that is what I do for my clients!

My children may have this branded on them one day for how many times they have heard me say this to them: “TREAT OTHER PEOPLE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED!”  I run my life this way and I definitely conduct my business this way.

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