In 1984, the City of Vaughan saw a music academy root its foundation into the Woodbridge community to spread the passion and importance of learning music. Carmine Di Rauso Snr., with a vision and passion, started Arcadia Academy of Music. The community would soon know Arcadia’s heart, vibrant and generous in nature, as it pulsated to the beat of kids learning music and the many opportunities the school provided to its community members. Fast-forward to 33 years later, Arcadia Academy of Music led by Pat and Maurizio Di Rauso is known as THE award winning music academy with 18+ industry awards and the pinnacle of music education excellence in communities across Ontario.

Inspired by Arcadia’s involvement in the Vaughan community, regional communities wanted to share in this movement of music education advocacy and with that vision, York, Halton and Peel Regions now have several Arcadia academies in their communities. However, the heart of Arcadia still beats in the City of Vaughan with locations in Woodbridge and Maple inspiring and educating 3500+ students. In addition, Arcadia provides volunteered music programs to regional schools and community centres, philanthropical awareness to charities like Vaughan in Motion, SickKids to community awareness like the Vaughan’s Women Symposium, SantaFest, Rugrats Expo, Vaughan Soccer Club and Woodbridge Soccer Club. If it is for the betterment of the community and empowering the youth, Arcadia Academy of Music is there. Despite Arcadia Academy of Music’s continued growth to becoming Canada’s largest franchised music school, they never forget their roots, their beloved Vaughan community and its members; the moms, dads, kids, teachers who have continued to relentlessly support them since 1984 and as that passion and inspiration passes on from generation to generation in the communities, so will the Arcadia Academy of Music commitment of nurturing the musical ambitions of the young minds that will make a positive difference and become leaders of and for communities in the future.